Nikita Katsalapov: “There are no worries that we lost to two American pairs, we’ve already beaten both of them.”

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Nikita Katsalapov shared his opinion about the team event at the Olympics in Beijing, compared it with Sochi, and also disagreed with Yagudin’s opinion regarding the value of the team medal.

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Nikita Katsalapov: I just don’t know what to answer. The Sochi Olympics is a kind of temple in my head, it was special. Probably, such won’t happen in my life again, but I can’t compare. Then there was Lena Ilinykh, now my dear Victoria. It’s like two different lives.

We skated brilliantly, one of the best skates, very inspirational, light, elements under control. It’s a shame to get this deduction, we lost the free dance. But that’s ok, we have already tried the ice and we know what needs to be corrected. There are no worries that we lost to two American pairs, we’ve already beaten both of them. I assump that I extended the rotational lift, I already had a deduction for it.

Vika and I set a goal a long time ago, when there was no clarity with the holding of the Olympics and our participation in it, that if we were selected for the team, then we would be ready to skate both programs.


The captain of the Russian figure skating team at the Beijing Olympics, Nikita Katsalapov, also shared his opinion about the words of Alexei Yagudin and Irina Rodnina that team competitions depreciate individual Olympic medals.

Nikita Katsalapov: It is hard to object to such an outstanding personalities, outstanding athletes of the past. Figure skating does not stand still and moves forward. All the teams agree with me that a team event is great and gives new sensations to both athletes and spectators. This does not negate a personal medal in any way. Everyone is already setting up for individual competitions in order to show there an equally wonderful performance.


Nikita Katsalapov: Perhaps I would introduce a medal for each type of program, as in rhythmic gymnastics – so that you can take a medal for a short and free program separately. The World Team Trophy in Japan has gained popularity. It creates a special team spirit in figure skating, when all the members of the national team give you all their energy during your performance. I think it’s very cool.



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