Nicole Schott: “I think raising the age minimum is good. Children should remain children for a sufficient amount of time. I think there should be separate competitions for young skaters and women.”

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Nicole Schott shared her expectations from the upcoming European Championships with the Russian media, spoke about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Alexander Trusova, and also explained why she did not want to learn quadruple jumps.

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source: Sport-express

Nicole Schott: I’m fine. Now I’m at the rink, at the European Championships. Training is going according to plan. A pleasant atmosphere, although not many skaters have arrived yet – the training is quite empty and quiet.

You said you could win a medal at the European Championships. What are your expectations from the competitions?

Nicole Schott: Actually, I never said that. I said that I again have a chance to get into the top 10 at the European Championships. Places are vacant. Of course, there are some skaters who have a slightly higher level, but there are also many girls who perform at about the same level in many competitions this season. If you look at the season bests, there is still a lot of room to achieve.

Who do you think will be the favorite to win in Finland?

Nicole Schott: Of course it’s Loena Hendrickx. I think she is the girl who will lead at this competitions.

Do you have a favorite skater or female figure skater that you would single out from all of the skaters?

Nicole Schott: My favorite figure skater is Karolina Costner. It’s just crazy how she skated, I always enjoyed watching her.

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In an interview with a German media, you recalled the last European Championships and that the Russians could have fallen and still ended up in the top three.

Nicole Schott: You can see that last season they were at a higher level than everyone else. Yes, they could fall and still be in the medals. European and other athletes did not have the opportunity to get on the podium, and they competed against each other. This is how it was and how it would probably be now if the Russians competed at this event.

But the Russians do not participate this year, and many other girls can win medals. Do you think it’s good for figure skating?

Nicole Schott: I do not want to comment on the political side of the issue. It is the ISU who decides who will participate and who will not. My job is to focus on my skating and do what I can.

Do you follow Russian figure skating at all?

Nicole Schott: I see some information on social networks from those people whom I follow.

Is there any Russian figure skater who impressed you?

Nicole Schott: In my opinion, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is a very impressive figure skater. She is such a fighter. She had her good and bad moments, but she always came back, overcame everything that happened to her, and still performs.

Liza is 26 years old and she jumps a quadruple toe loop. What do you think about it?

Nicole Schott: It’s impressive that she was able to do it. She has been jumping the triple axel for quite a long time, and quite successfully, this has always been her hallmark. But now she has learned the quadruple – it’s really impressive when you see this.

Alexandra Trusova made five quads at the Olympics. Was it impressive?

Nicole Schott: Yes, it was a memorable program. She jumped five quads, more than most men. A very difficult program, and very impressive that she did all those quads after all.

Have you tried quads yourself?

Nicole Schott: No. I tried to do a triple axel, but after I got injured, I decided to give up trying. I don’t feel like I have to jump it. I love skating, it’s one of my favorite parts of figure skating. I’m not the kind of person who goes too deep into the technical side. I like to improve my skating technique. That’s why I have never focused on jumping the quad.

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What is more important in figure skating – the components part of the program or the technique?

Nicole Schott: Of course, technique.

Can you name a skater who has it all: technique, artistry, skating?

Nicole Schott: I believe that the best skaters are those who have never had the best technique. For example, one of my favorite figure skaters is Satoko Miyahara. But she had technical problems. I think it’s hard to have both. None of my favorite skaters in terms of skating skills were the best in terms of jumping.

What do you think about raising the age minimum?

Nicole Schott: I think it’s good. Children should remain children for a sufficient amount of time. But it’s easy for me to say, because I passed this minimum a long time ago.

But in Russia, for example, 15-year-old Sofia Akatieva competes with 26-year-old Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. What do you think about it?

Nicole Schott: Yes, girls compete with women. I think that there should be young skaters and women.

Do you mean separate competitions for girls and women?

Nicole Schott: Yes.

Do you have a favorite program in figure skating?

Nicole Schott: “Bolero” by Carolina Kostner.

Kamila Valieva also skated “Bolero”. But do you like Kostner’s version better?

Nicole Schott: Karolina was just amazing skater. For example, when she took that same pose in the middle of the rink and when the music changed. It was just such an amazing moment. And I love it.

Have you seen Valieva’s program Wednesday?

Nicole Schott: No.

Do you like gala shows after competitions?

Nicole Schott: Mmmm, yes. At big competitions. It’s always really fun and I think it brings the most commerciality to figure skating. This way you can show more sponsors. So I think that’s the really important part.

Do you already have am exhibition program for the Europeans gala?

Nicole Schott: Not really. I do not think about it. (Laughs) It’s a Saturday night problem.

Do you have a favorite gala program?

Nicole Schott: Yes. The program of Spanish duo Olivia Smart and Adria Diaz last year. They performed in the style of the 80s under Michael Sembello’s Maniac. The guys put on a really fun show which was very good.

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What was the most memorable about the Olympic Games?

Nicole Schott: Actually, everything. It was really fun. In addition, there was a really great atmosphere in our team, it was very nice to be there and share all this with the rest. The whole Olympics was fun and a great pleasure.

You are already 26. Do you already think about ending your career or do you want to skate for a long time?

Nicole Schott: I watch from season to season. How I feel, how it works. And I think that it will be a spontaneous decision: when I feel that I am really tired, and I decide that it’s enough. But now I still like everything. And I do it with passion.


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