New short program for Tuktamysheva

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Alexei Mishin in his comment to Team-Russia2014 about his students and their plans for the season mentioned that Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has a new short program.

Now Liza is on interesting stage of her life. She doesn’t need to put a lot of efforts to get in shape for the nearest responsible starts. In Tartu, we have created a new exhibition number and a new short program that Lisa skates with great pleasure.

And we made such short program that no one would have thought about. It will be a waltz. And made the exhibition number to the pep song of my youth. – Mishin said.

Actually I’m a bit confused. New exhibition number it’s good. But I can’t understand whether it’s a program for the next season or Elizaveta will skate it at the Russian Cup Final? She didn’t make the team for Europeans Championships but she still has a chance to go to World Championships. If someone of three girls underperformed at Europeans and Liza show great result at Russian Cup Final she can go to Worlds. And a new short program won’t give her more confidence at this stage.

But does Mishin’s phrase “She doesn’t need to put a lot of efforts to get in shape for the nearest responsible starts.” means that they don’t have an ame to show great performance at Russian Cup Final and probably try to fight for spot in team for Worlds? That the season for Tuktamysheva is over and they started the preparation for the next one? Pity if so.

As for the waltz….knowing how Mishin and his team and also Elizaveta love bright and emotional music I want to make a bet on “The Masquerade Waltz” by Khachaturian or on “Second Waltz” by Shostakovich.


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