New dress for Elena Radionova

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In her interview before the European Championships Elena Radionova promised us a surprise in her free program. It turned out to be a new dress. So, we have another costume change for the second half of the season.

It’s her previous dress. Light, tender and girlish:

Elena Radionova

And this’s the new one:

Elena Radionova

I liked this dress! It’s a dress for a young lady not a girl. It’s also totally in style. The contrast laces over the dress it’s fashion trend of the beginning of the 20th century. I also like the necklace, it’s a necessary accessory. Elena looks like a vip passenger of Titanic. Good job! But maybe I’d have chosen different colors, not so dark.

And the prototypes for the dress:

Here you can see the dresses from the movie that have the same idea – translucent lace over the dress.

But I think that mostly the idea and color palette for Elena’s dress was taken from Kate Winslet’s dress that she wore to the premiere of the movie:

I’m glad that Radionova used only basis idea, Elena’s dress looks sophisticated, elegant and still age appropriate.


See who also changed their costumes before the European Championships. 


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3 Responses to “New dress for Elena Radionova”

  1. Cavan says:

    Elena Radionova
    She would look great even in a bin liner.
    She is the one public love to see.
    Very emotional.when she did Imagine in the gala she was clearly singing the words.

    • FS Gossips says:

      This girl has an x-factor, full package! I wish her all the best in a very hard next season! And a beautiful dresses as well!

  2. Abran says:

    Sorry to say Plushenko wasn’t in top form. He has only been back in competitive skntiag 6 months after having had retired 4 years ago and it showed. While he didn’t have any falls, he looked wobbly and seemed to try to cover up a number of mistakes with his wonderful flourishes. Lysacek skated an absolutely clean if not overly inspiring program and deserved the gold. Even Plushenko admitted as much after the program although he criticized Lysacek for not doing a quad. I don’t remember Plushenko doing a quad. Anyway, Putin’s exasperation has more to do with what is a very poor Russian performance at the Olympic games. They didn’t even pick up a medal in the pairs, which they had dominated for decades, and have fallen way short of expectations. Hopefully, they will get their act together by 2014 when the games are in Sochi.

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