Nathan Chen: “Yes, I was told that Yuzuru made a mistake.”

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Nathan Chen on his performance in the short program at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

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Nathan Chen: Scores are not really in my power. My job is to skate, and the judges – to assess. But I definitely didn’t expect that.

Rivalry with Hanyu is now impossible? You know, it’s also out of my control. I need to focus on recovery and successfully perform in a free program. Yes, I was told that Yuzuru did a mistake. But I don’t control it.

I will not change anything in the free program. I need to focus on myself and recover properly.

We don’t see Yuzuru here, we have different schedules. There are still limitations, although yes, athletes want to communicate. I try to keep my distance. If one of the athletes wants to come up to me and talk, no problem.


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