Nathan Chen: “Six quads? I’m not crazy, I’m 22 already.”

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Nathan Chen shared his impressions of visiting Beijing and Russian ladies Valieva, Shcherbakova and Trusova.

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Nathan Chen: Four years have passed, I was young then, I got a lot of new experience, refreshed my outlook on things. The main thing is to enjoy what you will do on the ice in the time you have. Six quads? I’m not crazy, I’m 22 already.

When he asked if it would be five quads, Chen nodded positively.

Nathan Chen: My mother was born here in Beijing, and my father was not born here, but moved here, so it’s wonderful to be here, I was here when I was 10 years old. Every time we go from the Olympic village to the arena, I think how great it is to be able to see it all again. I hope that after the Games it will be possible to see Beijing more, while we are all in this closed “bubble”.


Nathan Chen, also could not determine which of the Russians ladies he would appoint as team captain if he were given such an opportunity.

Nathan Chen: All three girls brought a lot to figure skating, so it would be a very difficult choice. I’m glad that I don’t need to compete with them. They’re doing amazing things, it’s just great.



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2 Responses to “Nathan Chen: “Six quads? I’m not crazy, I’m 22 already.””

  1. Lisa says:

    He will do 6 if Need be. Don’t let him fool ya‼️

  2. ioanykie says:

    “I’m 22 already” haha love his answer

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