Natalia Zabiiako: “Canada sent a request to our federation to release me, but our federation said they would consider it only in December. And not the fact that they will approve it.”

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Natalia Zabiiako spoke about why refused an idea to skate for Canada.

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Natalia Zabiiako: In May I flew to Canada. I did not announce this, because at first I wanted to go, try it, feel whether I would like it. And then make some big statements. But in our country people do not like to follow their own lives, they like to climb into someone else’s. Therefore, all this quickly leaked out, the media began to write that I had left. I didn’t comment on it.

There are several reasons why I left Canada. The first is that after skating with Sasha (Enbert), it is difficult to find a partner who would match his level, with whom I would be just as comfortable, just as cool. And having trained with Vlad Zhovnirsky and Nina Mozer, it is also difficult to find such a coach with whom you would perfectly understand each other.

The second reason is that it is difficult to find a team that would burn for some goal as much as you do. Who would have a great desire, despite fatigue and failure. Who would go forward, go to trainung every morning cheerful and motivated, so that everyone would give all the best. This, unfortunately, did not happen.

There is another reason, the one that they write about on the Internet – that Canada withdrew its request. But it’s not the case. Canada sent a request to our federation to release me, but our federation said that it would consider such cases only in December. And not the fact that they will approve the request.

This was a surprise for me, because I have not been an active athlete for three years, but it turns out that I still belong them. It was very strange. It was enough to make a request to the ISU, but the Canadian Federation decided to do the right thing, to ask permission from our federation.

Because of all these nuances, I thought that this is not what I want. If you resume your career, then it should be all serious, at a high level. My desire alone is not enough, a lot of factors must come together for everything to work out. So I packed my things and left.

And I don’t regret it. Before that, I felt like I didn’t finish something. But after trying, I realized that it was time to move on, because in addition to sports, there is still a lot of interesting things. But this was a great experience, a great couple of months.


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