Natalia Bestemianova: Everything is very sad in our ice dance

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I continue enjoying Russian ice dance drama. Campaign for spots part3.  

As always everything was good we don’t know why we got such mark ;)

Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev:

Before the World Championships, experts came to us not as spectators, but as people carping for every little thing. Everything was great, so we did not expect such a (low) technical mark. In the free dance we will nitpick our elements even more,  find faults in ourselves. – said Soloviev

It’s pity a little. From competition to competition we try to improve the result,  work on problems, so that we will not have them in future. Now we worked and showed our best short dance performance in the season. We felt it, the coaches told us this. And then the second level for the step sequence. It’s a pity. For the first time this season we got  third level for bluse, they always gave us fourth. – said Bobrova

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Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin:

We did not focus on the marks from the very beginning, this was not our task. The task was to have fun, to please, to skate emotionally to the end. I think we did it. – Stepanova told

Of Course we would like to be the first, everyone wants it. I think we could get into the top-ten. – said Bukin

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And Bestemianova’s move:

I’m very upset about what is happening now, it seems that only two Russian duos will go to the Olympics. We are not losing the World championship now, but the number of pairs that will go to the Olympics. And this is very sad.

It’s not just sad, everything is very sad in our ice dance. But I want to tune in to positive – still tomorrow is a free dance, the guys have to fight. There are small gaps, what if suddenly a miracle will happen?  Let us, like small children, believe in miracles. I believe that we should look positively on everything.

She was asked whether she thinks that Bobrova and Soloviev were undermarked:

I do not think so. I think that they got their marks.

But she thinks that Stepanova and Bukin were undermarked:

We work only on one pair. No one works on the next one. Although now, they probably started to do it, because, thank God, today Stepanova Bukin beat the Israelis and Italians, to whom they lost at the European Championships. – Bestemianova said.

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2 Responses to “Natalia Bestemianova: Everything is very sad in our ice dance”

  1. Themainfan says:

    All the instructions for level 4 are in the rule books! It’s all written very clearly. If you don’t understand you are maybe just being dishonest I think. Who didn’t pay attention to their edges? Who must go? What’s going on? How can people not know what edges they used in their step sequence.

    Bestimianova is just Happy S/b are closer to b/S even if it took b/S going down! If s/b are 8th and b/S 10th bestemianiva will be so happy

    • FS Gossips says:

      Bestemianova’s main problem is that she continues to perceive ice dances as they were in her era. But times have changed, rules have changed, dances have changed. Face it, if you want to help your belowed duo. Because what she’s doing it’s rather an anti-piar, she is not doing them any favour.

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