“Morpheus in the short program, Adam in the free” choreographer Nikita Mikhailov about programs for Alexander Samarin

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Choreographer Nikita Mikhailov about the work on the Olympic programs for European silver medalist Alexander Samarin.

source: matchtv.ru dd. 9th July by Anastasiia Panina

Music for Alexander Samarin’s programs, whose ideas it were?

Nikita Mikhailov: It was my idea, for both of the programs. Two years ago, my wife Anastasiia Martyusheva offered the “Matrix”, but apparently it was not the time then. I haven’t created anything in such artistic images before.

Was it tempting to take a powerful timeless classic for the Olympic season?

Nikita Mikhailov: No, there was no temptation, since Sasha is not about classics at all. He doesn’t feel classical music in himself, so taking it for the Olympic season wasn’t even considered.

How long did the work on programs take in general?

Nikita Mikhailov: It is difficult to say exactly how long the work on programs takes, since I am always in Moscow and regularly with the guys on the ice. Therefore, the work on programs is going on all the time before the test skates. And even after them, we correct the nuances that are voiced there, before the first competitions. The main task is to make everything look good in the end.

Tell us about the artistic images. Everything is more or less clear with The Matrix, there is a cult movie, but what will be in the free program?

Nikita Mikhailov: In “The Matrix” we went a little differently. We will not skate Neo, but Morpheus. Those who have watched the trilogy will immediately understand our idea.

In the free program, we have a story about the first man created by God – Adam. For this program, I selected the music specifically for this idea, in order to reveal the whole essence of the program.

This is not your first experience working with Samarin. Where did he improve as a performer during this time?

Nikita Mikhailov: I have been working with Sasha for so long that before my eyes he grew from a junior into a senior athlete. In any case, this is already a huge step forward for any skater. In general, our sport does not stand still, we always need to improve. In Russia, like nowhere else, they are constantly breathing down your neck, no one wants to miss their chance. Therefore, Samarin’s progress in all respects is inevitable.


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