Morozov will do a free program for Anna Pogorilaya

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Anna Pogorilaya quite surprised me with her choice of choreographer for the short program. So, I’m really excited to see what she and Misha Ge have come up too. (about short program made by Ge) But as for the free program Anna decided to take a “proved option” and to work again with Nikolai Morozov.

Together with my coach Anna Tsareva we decided to continue cooperation with Morozov in preparation for the new season, because programs, which he did for me last season turned out very successful. We don’t want to risk doing both programs with another choreographer, so we went to Nikolai Morozov.

We have already decided on the music, but there is no character yet, we’re waiting for Nikolai. In fact, the work will start from scratch. I don’t know whether I will complicate the new free program compared to last year, while we’re only discuss it with coach. – Anna said.

As for the short program:

Of course, every day I polish short program, every day we work on it with choreographer. I also in contact with Misha. The program is just made, so it’s impossible to say that the program is in good condition; we have to work, work and work. – Pogorilaya added.

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