Misha Ge: You can get inspiration everywhere

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Misha Ge told what he will do if he still decides to retire, whether he intends to participate in the Olympic Games 2018 and where he finds inspiration.

You upset fans by announcing that you can retire before the Olympic Games 2018. After reading all the responses haven’t you changed the decision?

– You know, it hasn’t been hasty. I have thought, above all, about future, my development in different areas, taking into account all the nuances of the situation that currently exists. But an option that Four continents Championships may be one of the last competitions in my career is possible.

Probably you don’t have any questions what to do after finishing your career?

– Now I work on it. I have always paid a lot of attention to developing in other areas, but it takes a lot of time, learning, flights, so I think I will look how the situation will develop and will start from this.

So you are talking not only about choreographing?

–  Not only. I want to try myself as choreographer, manager, organizer of various training programs, ice shows. I’m involved in several different areas.

Don’t you want to try to work on TV?

–  Maybe. I was invited to be a TV host in the project not connected with skating. But as figure skating takes in my life 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unfortunately, I had to refuse many offers. Refused, primarily because of competitions.

There was a parade of quadruple jumps in Gangneung. What do you think about current situation in men’s figure skating?

– I think it’s great that generation after generation complicates programs, complicates elements. The present generation is very strong, very talented and you can learn a lot from them. But I believe that we must show our individuality. Every person is talented in something, your strengths shouldn’t be forgotten chasing the mainstream. You must imrove, must keep up with the progress, but you can’t forget to show your strengths, things that you do better than others.

Do you like the epithet “jumping machine” ?

– There should not be such: If you have good jumps, so you only jump, or if you are artistic, you bet only on it. There must be difficult steps, difficult elements, but it should look nice. It’s like a box and inside all the parts put together. We must not forget to show our advantages, but most importantly, we need to show our individuality on the ice and, of course, skate from the soul.

Do you think that in current figure skating soul is missing?

–  Unfortunately, there is such problem right now. Chasing one, we often lose another. It’s sad when you see it. We should become stronger technically, but we also should continue to give people the feelings that we can show in our performances.

Where do you find inspiration for choreographing programs?

– My grandpa was an artist, an actor. Mom and Dad are coaches, father was a winner of the Chinese senior championships. First he did single skating, then ice dance. My mom has musical, sporting and dancing education. So I learned from them that you can get inspiration everywhere.

Does South Korea inspire you?

– Well, firstly, this is partly my home, because I have a Korean grandmother. Here I am inspired by the fact that we skate at the Olympic arena. It’s not important whether I will take part in the Olympics or not, it is important that I was here. For example, in the place where we live, there are sea and beach. It’s very beautiful there. Of course, Korean culture also inspires me.

When are you going to decide on the continuation of your career?

– I think it will depend on the situation itself, gradually, step by step.

Don’t you really want to perform at the Olympics?

–  I will try to return to the Olympics, maybe in a different role. I hope that I will have a chance to do it in a different capacity.

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6 Responses to “Misha Ge: You can get inspiration everywhere”

  1. Vladimir says:

    Respect for his opinion about the sport. So true! Understand he has a bright future in other capacities as he is such a melting pot of genes from talented family members from different cultures and artistic, acting, athletic sides of life. But if skaters like him will leaveo, the only “jumping machines” will stay and they’ll keep defining the future of this sport:-(

    • FS Gossips says:

      “But if skaters like him will leaveo, the only “jumping machines” will stay and they’ll keep defining the future of this sport:-(”
      Every year less and less skaters whom I like very much stay in sport….figure skating becomes a sport for young…it makes me so sad! That’s why I’m extremely grateful to Tessa and Scott, Carolina, Mao and Patrick for their comebacks, that they keep fighting and bringing true beauty into my favorite sport.

  2. He has already proven to be an excellent choreographer, take one look at Anna Pogorilaya’s SP this year, as well as all his own programmes he has been choreographing himself. He is now flooded with requests. His future is quite secured even if he retires from competitive skating. I just hope he will remain active as a professional skater though… in shows, he can unleash all his artistic, creative talents without worrying about jumps, and he can truly shine.

  3. Crabe93 says:

    I will be sad if he retires. But he mustn’t let his fans influence his decisions. I hope he will take the best choice for his life. And he will have a lot of possibilities after competition because he’s a well talented guy:)

    • FS Gossips says:

      Agree. He’s a bright personality, he can be successful in different fields, sport isn’t the only possibility for him, so I hope he’ll take the best decision. The main thing is to be healthy.

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