Misha Ge: I think this is my last season

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Short interview with Misha Ge. About his decision to stay in figure skating for one more year and preparation for this season.

Well that’s rather a comment than an interview.

Misha:  I think this is my last season (as an athlete). I’ll tell you this: to stay I declined 37 shows in ten countries around the world, several ice projects, many choreographing works and other offers. My goal is to take part in one more season, to skate from my heart and try to bring art to people.

After the World Championships, I thought I would quit skating. But we had a meeting in the Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, and I decided to stay. One of the reasons is that we are building a new skating rink in Uzbekistan, we has been waiting for it for 20 years. And I try to help to popularize figure skating in our country.

During the summer I choreographed 19 programs and declined about 15 more requests. I am grateful for the requests, but I really did not have time. On the second day after the World Championships in Helsinki, I started to do choreographing work and it lasted almost until September. So it became harder, but we try to approach the process competently.

Maybe, I just can’t show such wonderful performances which can be shown by skaters who are engaged only in sports, but I am pleased that I am combining my current work with things I will do in the future.

by Andrei Simonenko for rsport.ru

I’m really grateful to Misha for staying. His skating is pure joy, when you can just enjoy the beauty of figure skating without stress and thoughts of medals and places.


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