Misha Ge: Figure skating is а school of life

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Translation of Misha Ge’s interview for The Mag magazine.

No moment’s rest

The schedule for each figure skater is different. During the season I have almost no free time. Trainings take six days a week. Figure skating is work. I wake up at five in the morning, go to the ice rink, afterwards – to the restoring center, to physical training, stretching… I return home in the evening. In evening I watch video of the training day or other sports materials, prepare documents for the competition. Not a moment’s rest and no fun!

Unlikely anyone will envy my leisure. Usually, I spend my day off at home, get enough sleep before training. I can go shopping with my parents, take a walk with them, but nothing more. During the season you just want to rest and recover before work.

Figure skating it’s for me

It’s hard to say what makes you come to the sport. Someone is brought to the ice by parents, someone likes skates. I have a sporting family: parents – figure skaters and coaches of the national teams of China and Russia. It was their decision to bring me to the rink. Gradually, from amateur skating I moved on to professional trainings. I think, then I realized that figure skating is for me.

In childhood it is difficult to decide whether you want to be a skater or not. When you are constantly engaged comes an awareness and interest, the desire to win prizes, to perform in front of the audience. But I would not like to be only a skater. I’m interested in the show industry, shooting, cinema.

Sport deprives freedom

Performance is the work of the whole team. We scrupulously work on every detail. We even choose music together: coaches, parents, specialists. This is a responsible process. It needs to be carefully thought out, to calculate all the risks. The team is working to improve the performance, make it vivid, victorious. Like any other sport, figure skating is regulated. There are certain rules and requirements that must be followed.

The goal is to get up and continue

Figure skating on the “stage” is different from figure skating behind the curtain. This is a colorful and vivid sport, so many believe that it is easy. People see our sequins, but do not see blood and sweat. There are hard and uncompromising work behind every enchanting performance. To be the best, to show a good result, you must follow the rules, work and be able to get up in time. There are many falls in sporting career, they need to be overcomed. Everyone has his own way: someone clenches his teeth and get up, someone is looking for motivation, someone is being urged. But the goal for all is the same – to get up and continue.

Mom is my main mentor

I was lucky to work with many well-known choreographers. This is an indescribable feeling to learn from professionals, to take knowledge and experience. Wonderful choreographers – David Wilson, Phillip Mills, Jeffrey Battle. Alexander Zhulin. But the most important choreographer who formed me as a figure skater is my mother. She is a very talented person: a figure skater, coach, choreographer. She is my main mentor and judge.

Figure skating is а school of life

Figure skating is a school of life. Athletes go through some tests much more difficult than other people. Not everyone has enough strength and patience to achieve their goals or not to turn out of the way after first difficulty. Figure skating taught me a lot. This is patience, will power, the ability to look at life from different angles. This is why, I would not like my children to go through this school.

Japanese are the main experimenters

I think that the expression “People treat you according to your clothes” is might be. I always pay attention to how people are dressed. It is especially interesting to watch fashion in different countries. There are places with a very strange fashion and style. In Japan they have an unusual taste. They are experimenters. Their strange costumes inspire the creation of an unusual images, but more suitable for social events, rather than for everyday life.

There can’t be too much clothes

I have many clothes. Even on short trips I take different sets of clothes, accessories, shoes. But I do not have a certain style. I can try on both hipster and classical clothes. I like to try something new. I choose clothes for social events myself, I also work on the design of costumes for performances.

Fashion interests me not only as a buyer of beautiful clothes, but also as a creator of new fashionable things. Once I worked on demo-collection of T-shirts, caps, rings. I was the author of design, worked on color and then ordered from factories in small batches.

Dreams come true if you work on them

If we talk about dreams, then one of the main dreams that has not been fully realized yet is acting. I would like to do a qualitative and interesting movie. I could have acted in action, comedy or melodrama. The main things are desire and working on yourself and all the dreams come true! This is proved by three bright moments in my sport life: participation in the Sochi Olympics, taking the sixth place at the World Championship 2015 and getting a spot for Uzbekistan for the next Olympic Games. These are the most memorable and strong performances. They showed what I can do, showed best results.

Sport makes people purposeful and beautiful

To stay in shape, you need to do sports. During off-season, I continue to go to the gym, maintain the shape with the help of running or swimming. Of course, proper nutrition plays an important role. I have to refuse from sweet in favor of healthy food, which helps to train, to withstand heavy loads. I wish everyone to do sports and be fashionable. Sport makes people healthy, purposeful and beautiful.

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