Misha Ge did a SP for Anna Pogorilaya

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Anna Pogorilaya spent a few days in Los Angeles working with Misha Ge on her new program. 

Anna explained such unpredictable choice of choreographer:

We made the program so it’ll differ from others, this was our goal. We’re trying to highlight my strengths and to turn weaknesses into strengths, to make the bright program. Music is not very usual to me. Now we did only the “backbone”, it’s necessary to work on a program with my choreographers, and later Misha will come to Russia. The coach said that the idea is good, but the program should be polished.

Anna Pogorilaya, Misha Ge

My coach and I wanted to do something extraordinary, new. We just learned that Misha does himself choreo for the programs, we liked it very much, because he’s so unusual and different from everyone else. So we decided to do the program with Misha. In Los Angeles, I flew, because he couldn’t came to Moscow. I really enjoyed working with him. He’s very positive person, I think, we worked well and everything turned out very well. – Pogorilaya said.

the source: rsport.ru

Anna also said that she’s not going to change a coach:

I have no thoughts about moving to another coach – the productive work is going. Things work out for the best, last season proved it. The beginning wasn’t good for me, but it still led to a good result in the end. We will try to keep it up! – Anna said.

the source: tass.ru


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2 Responses to “Misha Ge did a SP for Anna Pogorilaya”

  1. Judith says:

    I love Anna because she is so fearless. Her choice of choreographer is a great example, and kudos to Tsareva for letting her go so far afield. And who doesn’t love Misha? I am excited to see what they will do together.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I’m also excited to see the result. But I afraid that a lot will be changed, as Tsareva told that the program needs a lot of work and polishing. But I hope for at least interesting and not typical music!

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