Mirai Nagasu new free program

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This year some skaters choose music from the Great Gatsby for their programs. Mirai Nagasu is one of them.

This soundtrack is not new in figure skating, but I haven’t seen a good program to this music yet. So, let’s see what Mirai prepared.

What can I say? As a program for the singles this music looks better than for the ice dancers. But…the thing with music is that in movie it sounds great but without the movie picture it just a disco music. It doesn’t have something from that epoch or the style of Great Gatsby. So, I hope that Mirai won’t wear a costume in the style of 20th and portray the character of Daisy Buchanan. Because we’ve seen such examples and that looked weird.

As for the program, I liked the choreo sequence and spins like always look amazing. I still August but jumps don’t look improved and that’s the biggest problem for Mirai Nagasu now. Anyway, it will be not easy for Mirai to get the spot at the US National team.

Who else among the American ladies have shown their programs? See new short and free program of Gracie Gold and the short program of Polina Edmunds.



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