Mikhail Kolyada: last New Year’s Eve … I overslept!

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Interview with new Russian National Champion Mikhail Kolyada. About his plans for European and World Championships, new short program, which the audience didn’t have a chance to see, his family and love for tangerines.

The season started not easily for you, you had to return to an old short program.

– It was very hard at first, but then I took it all for granted, let these thoughts go, so they do not distract me from work. But, well, it was unusual. Such has never happened before. Turns out that no one has seen that short program. In my opinion it was strong, to unusual for me music from the movie “The Last Airbender”. I really liked that program. We have done it probably in May, have skated it for three months and then we were called to Navagorsk and told that it’s better to return to the old program. Of course, it was a pity.

Fans like to discuss what you have tired of the old program.

– No, I’m not tired of it. How to find emotions skating it for second season? I do not know, the inspiration just comes by itself. Somehow it’s even easier to skate it for a second year, both emotionally and physically. Everything goes like on a trodden path, maybe not always successful, but morally it become a little easier to get together.

Preparing in summer was there a difference in training compared to previous years, taking into account good results of your last season? Did you have more pressure?

– Nothing has changed. It was all the same. Just feeling changed a little bit. Now I have such responsibility, the whole world already knows me, watching me. But I try not to think about it, not to be distracted.

When you say that the whole world is watching you’re probably also mean social networks?

– Yes, I a lot of people write to me, express their opinions. I try to read every message, to respond as much as possible. After the Russian Nationals lot of people wrote. I even couldn’t answer all at once.

This season you had two Grand-prix.

– This is good and unusual experience for me. I have traveled to Japan for the first time and I really liked it there. The atmosphere there is very similar to the home. Valentina Mikhailovna (Chebotareva) and I once went to the store, we were told how to go, we went-went, but there was no store. On the street we just came to the first girl, explained with gestures what we needed and she on her navigator showed how we can find this store. People there are very kind and helpful.

And love figure skating very much.

– Yes. I felt it. They support all skaters. But in Moscow I was asked for autographs more than in Japan.

European and World Championships are ahead. Perhaps, you want to perform at least not worse than last year?

– Yes, I’ll try. It would be very cool to fix on this position, but it would be even better to surpass this result.

But to surpass your result at the World Championships means a medal?

– This is true. But I’ll say again that I try not to think about it, because all this is very distracting (laughs)!

Valentina Mikhailovna said that you have three quads, but only toe loop is consistent, and if all are consistent, you will be competitive on the world level. Is it the goal?

– Yes. We try different combinations at trainings, with music. It is clear that not everything turns out, but we are working.

The fact that not everything turns out with the Lutz yet, doesn’t it baffle you?

– On the contrary, it even boosts. When I jumped Lutz for the first time I thought “Well, the body can do it, now it’s necessary to get it in my mind.”

And what about Salchow?

– I jump it on trainings. In Chelyabinsk, of course, I did not show it, but in St. Petersburg I consistently jump it two or three times per trainings.

But we won’t see it at European Championships?

– I think, not yet.

For figure skater New Year it is…..

– Mini-vacation! You can eat whatever you want, sleep, do some things for which usually you don’t have time.

Do you often limit yourself in some food?

– In principle, no. Usually I don’t limit myself, I have already chose a ration for myself, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I try to stick to it.

So what will you eat on New Year that you usually don’t allow yourself?

– A lot of tangerines! I just love the tangerine. Of course I can’t eat ten kilograms, but three easily.

A piece of chocolate cake?

– Yes! Cakes and some delicious pastries. Just to treat yourself a little bit.

You have a big family, two sisters and a brother, probably you have fun celebrating New Year?

– We celebrate with a whole family. The last time brother even didn’t even slept, celebrated with us. The younger sister went to sleep, children have their own regime. Wait, no! It’s been two years ago. And last New Year’s Eve … I overslept! I came home, ate, sat at the table a bit, talked and that’s everything. Apparently, after the last Russian Championships I had quite a serious emotional barrier.

Do your younger sister and brother still believe in Santa Claus?

– Younger believes for sure. The eldest is already 19 years old, hardly she believes (laughs). My brother is already nine years old, I think he also does not believe.

And when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

– At the age of seven or eight. I found my very first letter to Santa Claus, which I wrote when I was very little kid. I already knew the letters, but wrote it with the help of parents. I found it and realized that it was some kind of cheat.



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