Mikhail Kolyada: Ideas for the program can come at any time

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Short comment from Mikhail Kolyada about ideas for programs and superstitions:

Ideas for the program can come at any time. For example, I’m standing in line at the store, some ideas has come, I need to write them down quickly, because then I can forget. Then come home, start search all this on the Internet, listen, imagine myself in this artistic image and come the next day with a ready idea. For the next season we have only notes but I won’t tell until September, I can’t.

Most athletes are superstitious, including me. There are some things that I do every day, and it’s not actually a superstition, just a habit. For example, I always do my laces from the left foot, go out on the ice starting with my left foot.



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One response to “Mikhail Kolyada: Ideas for the program can come at any time”

  1. printout says:

    I’m extremely grateful to you for translating most of Misha’s news, even they’re not that interesting, and masses don’t really care.

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