Mikhail Kolyada: I hope many people will come to the test skates

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Mikhail Kolyada about nearest plans for the season and training camp with Rafael Arutyunyan.

The first start of this season for me will be competitions in Bratislava, I’ve been starting the season there for several years. Now we are preparing for the test skates. The programs are ready, but I want to keep them in secret until the performance. The only thing I will say is that artistically new programs will really differ from those I had last season, especially the free program.

About test skates:

I hope many people will come. I want to show everything that I managed to achieve by September. To feel how it will work out in front of the audience, feel the atmosphere.

About new rules:

It hasn’t changed anything in my training. Yes, now it’s absolutely not cost-effective to fall, so you have to put into the programs only those jumps in which you are absolutely sure. At the moment, for me it’s toe loop, axel and all triple jumps, but let’s see how the season will go.

About trainings with Rafael Arutyunyan:

It was a very useful experience. We managed to work on all the important for me aspects, although when I returned, I fell ill with an antritis and had to take a course of antibiotics.



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