Michal Brezina is training with Rafael Arutyunyan

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According to Lynn Rutherford’s tweet Michal Brezina decided to change a coach and now is training with Rafael Arutyunyan:

Confirmed today: 2013 European bronze medalist is now training in Lakewood, California with Rafael Arutunian.

the source: LynnRutherford

And a small coment from Michal:

I look forward to training in California with Rafael. I want to thank Karel Fajfr for his guidance and we remain on very good terms.

the source: IFS

Yeah! I can’t describe how happy I’m! Wonderful news! It was heartbreaking to see how a great and talented skater just couldn’t really show what he’s capable of. I really belive that Rafael can help him. Just look at his amazing results with Ashley and Adam! Rafael has an experience of working with mature skaters, fixing their technique and actually making them a fighters. I really hope he will think of wise jump content for Michal, because I can’t see anymore the battle Michal vs salchows. So, please, Raf give him a real jump content that he can skate clean – at least for the beginning of the season – to gain some confidence, to show himself as a consistent skater. I also don’t mind if Michal keeps one of his programs.



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