Maxim Trankov: We worried that the judges won’t understand the program

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Maxim Trankov commented their decision to change Tarasova/Morozov’s short program.

Maxim: We tried very hard to prepare the program for the test skates, in terms of choreography. As we expected, there were a lot of questions to the program, many of our honored specialists came to us with their thoughts about the program, including Alexander Zhulin, whom I know well from the Ice Age (tv-show). He among many said: “Max, please think about this program. I know that you are ready to prove any idea with choreography, but will today’s age of the judges allow them to understand it?” I told all this to the choreographer of the program Peter Tchernyshev. He himself found a replacement, cut the music, as a result, we fundamentally changed only the choreography. It was hard, because the guys already got used to the artistic image. But today the guys started to feel the new program. The choreographer who worked with me and Tanya – Alla Kapranova, she breathed the idea, mood and life into new program. I think this program is a good choice.

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