Maxim Trankov: We used to the fact that German pair is judged quite loyal

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Maxim Trankov about performance of Russian pairs in the short program at World Championships 2017.

Maxim: Two pairs pleased me. Evgenia Tarasova was injured and performed in the short program with satured leg. Shegot together and dealt with performance. I do not agree with the third place of Tarasova and  Morozov. I think that they should be second, because German pair had bigger mistakes. But we used to the fact that German pair is judged quite loyal.

Talking about Zabijako and Enbert, thay have made a breakthrough, managed to get not only in the top ten, but finish fifth in the short program. I’m happy for the guys, they’re great. Watched the back of senior teammates.  Of course, it is a pity that Stolbova and Klimov did not coped with their short program at all. 13th place otherwise than a failure can not be called. But everything still can change in the free program. Especially since this World Championships is very important – we need to fight for spots for the Olympics, to be represented there by three pairs.

If it happens that there will be only two duets in Pyeongchang, it will be a failure of Russian pair skating. Now the result doesn’t pressure on Fedor and Ksenia and they definitely should get in the top ten. The rest of our couples I want to wish at least not to drop and maybe even place higher. At least, Tarasova and Morozov are quite capable of it. Throughout the season, they were jumping out of the rivals’ backs and took first place at the Grand Prix final at the European Championships.

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