Maxim Trankov: “Unfortunately, pair skating isn’t on the rise, the global level is at a standstill.”

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Maxim Trankov about work with Tarasova-Morozov, shared the details of cooperation with Eteri Tutberidze and assessed the likelihood of his daughter Angelica joining the Tutberidze group.

source: dd. 20th June 2021 by Elvira Ondar

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How did your training camp with Evgenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov go in Sochi?

Maxim Trankov: The team camp was held, in which not only my guys, but also the pairs of Tamara Moskvina and other coaches took part. Zhenya and Vova have been there for the first time, it seems.

The mood is good, now we are working closely with the Perm guys, for example, with Pavel Sliusarenko (coach of world champions among juniors – Apollinaria Panfilova / Dmitri Rylov. – ed). He has successfully shown himself at the junior level, he is very helpful, he has a fresh look at the guys’ elements. But mainly we were engaged in general and special physical training, we didn’t work on the programs.

Nevertheless, a short program is already done, which was choreographed by the famous ice dancing coach Alexander Zhulin.

Maxim Trankov: I always treated this coach well, I worked with him, in our first season with Tanya, we did a show program together, we skated it a lot. Sasha worked a lot during the period of his participation in the “Ice Age”, so I know hi, very well as a choreographer. And now, it seems to me, he did a great program for the guys.

How was communication with the Tutberidze team built during the training camp in Sochi?

Maxim Trankov: Tutberidze was not in Sochi. So we gradually started the season, did a lot of strength work – especially during these two weeks. We joined Tutberidze in Novogorsk only from June 14th.

In April you said that “all training systems and all the details are in the process of discussion.” At the moment do you already have an understanding of how your training process is structured at Khrustalny?

Maxim Trankov: All summer we will be in Novogorsk, we will have separate ice for pair skaters. So let’s see how we work together. So far we have not worked closely with the Tutberidze team yet, so nothing has changed much in the training process.

As for the distribution of coaching roles between us, such narrow specialists as Slyusarenko are more responsible for pair skating, and for the rest, Eteri Georgievna immediately made it clear that we should bore responsibility all togeher. We accept victories and defeats together.

What do you think about the words of Tutberidze on the air of “Evening Urgant” that pair skating “has gaps” in terms of programs (they are outdated) and the stability of jumps?

Maxim Trankov: In principle, I agree. For several years I have been saying that pair skating, unfortunately, is not on the rise in the world. And if we always have it at a very good level, which we are trying to maintain, then the global level is at a standstill.

If you were offered to become a permanent coach at Khrustalny and develop pair skating there, would you agree?

Maxim Trankov: Will I be able to combine – a difficult question that definitely needs to be raised and discussed at a family council. So far, the focus is on the Olympic Games in Beijing, and I don’t think any further yet. Now there is a goal and all my attention is focused on it. Thinking ahead distracts from the main task.

For the first time you are bringing one of the strongest pairs in the country to the Olympic season. How prepared are you for this challenge?

Maxim Trankov: I fully understand my responsibility. It is already known that many steps have been taken to improve the technical content of the guys, a coaching staff has been found, a good technical pair coach has been involved – Slyusarenko. The team was strengthened.

So I feel fine. As before the regular season: more focused on coaching than other occupations. Unfortunately, somewhere at the expense of time with my family.

Leaving for training camps immediately after the birth of your son is difficult. I don’t really like it, but this is life, you need to feed your family.

And my work is now connected with trips. But on any weekend I try to fly, come home to spend time with my family.

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Your daughter Angelica is developing in several directions at the same time. Have you already thought about possible activities for your son? For example, would you like him play football and to train at the Zenit academy, which you are a fan of?

Maxim Trankov: This is a dream. I hope that he will be interested in football, I will try to send him to Zenit school. I have friends – football players and coaches, so they can look and honestly tell us what to do. Of course, my dream is for my son to play in Zenit, but before that there is still a lot of time and a lot of things can happen. But I have more sporting expectations from my son than from my daughter, that’s for sure.

Children can differ from birth in character and behavior. What is the difference between Angelica and her brother?

Maxim Trankov: Of course, they differ in appearance, but so far I have seen very little of him, and he is very small. So the question is more to Tanya – she will talk about the differences in motherhood. In general, I am sure that the children will be different. In the meantime, everything is exactly the same as it was with Lika.

Only a little more responsibility, because there are two guys: we need more attention and more funds. And, of course, I am the first fan of my daughter, we have a very close relationship, let’s see how they develop further.

Have you ever thought of giving your daughter Angelica to the Tutberidze’s group for single skaters, since you are working closely now? At the same time, you can see each other at the rink every day.

Maxim Trankov: To go to Tutberidze, Angelica must learn a lot, but she still has a basic level. We can try in a year, but the selection is very difficult in “Sambo-70”: a large flow, a large dropout, connections won’t help, you need to match the level.

Tanya and I have no ambition to make her a champion, unless she herself wants to. Then we will not hinder. For example, now she asks to take her to the ice more often, she has already won the first competition. Let’s see what will happen next.


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