Maxim Kovtun withdrew from Russian Nationals 2018

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Maxim Kovtun withdrew from Russian Nationals 2018.

Yesterday Maxim took 16th place in the short program, today announced that he withdraws from competitions.

Maxim decided to withdraw from competitionы – Inna Goncharenko said.

I had no illusions, but Maxim really wanted to try, now he must decide what he wants to do next this season, he an adult person. In my opinion, now he needs to calm down and decide on further plans, because now some rush turns out.

According to Inna Goncharenko, Maxim’s coach, back injury, because of which the skater was not able to fully prepare for the season, still bothers him:

To get back, he needs to lose weight. To lose weight, a certain amount of workload is needed, but he does not receive it because of various objective reasons.


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