Maxim Kovtun: I just need to do my job

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Interview with Maxim Kovtun. About preparation for the new season, new programs and work with new coach.

Maxim, you has already told about free program made by Peter Tchernyshev to “Muse”, what about the short?

Maxim: Recently we’ve completed the work on the short program. Ilia Averbukh and Elena Maslennikova did it. Also Artur Gachinski helped us on the ice.

Choreographers are artists, creative people who want to make the program spectacular and beautiful. But to did a  and to skate a program it’s quite different things. Each skater must to adapt all moves of the programs to himself. In this case Artur was very helpful. As a single skater, he feels some things, can help, can show. So initially this short program was done correctly and turned out balanced, so that it’ll easier to skate.

The same thing we did with the new free program. Everything remains as Peter did. But we changed some jumps’ entries, direction, order of elements.

Inna Goncharenko attended every such work with choreographers. She has been actively involved in the process. At first I was unusual, because in the past I’ve always worked alone with choreographers. And here a lot of people was on the ice – Ilia, Elena Maslennikova, Artur, Inna Germanovna … The best thing that it was very easy and pleasant to work in this company. Everyone was interested, everyone offered his ideas.

We worked at nights. And I’ve skated the whole day. Has spent for 5-6 hours on the ice, excluding work in gyms, workouts, and so forth. I told the coach that I won’t have strength to skate. And Inna Germanovna said very calmly: “Go out, and strength will come.” And indeed, so it turned out. Apparently, the working process draged in and I forgot about tiredness.

It was the first time you work with Averbukh?

Maxim: Yes, for the first time. Prior to that, I participated in his show, but there I skated a ready programs. And then, fortunately, I got a chance to work with Ilia on a new program. He can confirm, after the first few hours, I wrote to him, “Ilia, thank you. I even couldn’t imagine that it’s so nice to work with you. It’s easy, interesting, on the positive. ” The most important thing that he liked what I was doing. And that pushed me forward.

I won’t tell much about the short program. The music is for dancing. But it’s name not directly related to what I’m going to show on the ice. The program has another story. This is a distinctive feature of Ilia, he always tries to show a particular story. Plus a bit of acting. But see for yourself.

Moving to a new coach is always associated with certain difficulties. People will compare, discuss, comment. In this regard, how will you set yourself for the upcoming season?

Maxim: I just need to do my job and all will be fine. I have a coach who knows how to set me, what to say. Anyway, I think only about good things.

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11 Responses to “Maxim Kovtun: I just need to do my job”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    I love the idea of Ashley and Muse. She seems unique enough for it. Btw didn’t Duhamel and Radford do Muse in the post Olympic year? Theirs was awesome!

  2. Stolbova obsessed says:

    I’m a little nervous that Pitkeev will come back and replace both Kovtun and Kolyada.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Kovtun, Kolyada, Pitkeev, Voronov…..nevertheless Plushenko will go to Olympics again. Ok, I’m just kidding) The main thing for Kovtun is a wise jump content. Kolyada gave a perfect example how high you can place with only one quad, but clean programs.

      • Stolbova Obsessed says:

        I think Kovtun is very capable. He’s got 5 quads now he just needs to quit popping them. I keep him in the same basket as Denis Ten; great skater but very inconsistent. Darn.
        I like Pitkeev. I really want to see him back at the level he was at Rostelecom last year.
        Plushenko lol. He should know when to quit when he’s ahead. He’s like 32 or 33, he’ll be 35 by Olympics, he needs to pack his quad and go before it gets ugly. I’d hate for him to go and be 15th or something. He is better as a show skater.
        Kolyada is a dark horse but I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps going. I wish he’d dump the neon costume though.

        • FS Gossips says:

          Yes, he’s capable, but he’s never skated two clean programs with those 5 quads. Isn’t it better to reduce the amount of quads? Let’s say 1 in the short, 2 in the free program. And tried to start skate those programs clean and consistent. I think his results will be higher, he’ll feel more confident.

          • Stolbova Obsessed says:

            Good idea! Kolyada doesn’t do a ton of quads and he was 4th at worlds.
            Hasn’t Kovtun done a few 3-quad programs at Russian Nationals? Maybe? I thought so…

  3. Stolbova obsessed says:

    I like Inna G, she seems nice. I wish Tutberidze would take a hint or two from her.
    Is Maxim doing Muse AGAIN? I like the program but I’m curious why they’re using the same thing again and again.

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