Maxim Kovtun: I have thoughts to simplify the short program

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Maxim Kovtun told about his plans, preparation for the European Championships and work with psychologist :

I have thoughts to simplify a little the short program. For example, do a good quad salchow and axel and lutz-toe loop in the second half. It would be pretty decent in points. It will be a small step back so then I could do two steps forward.

Now, I’m the third number of the national team, and I’m calm. Let the guys fight, I have already got tired of this, I want to skate for fun, scores and places it’s all will come.

The training plan has remained the same: intensified training, although it would seem there’s no way to make them more intense. But the main task was to work on consistancy. I feel great, but I need to be a little calmer, just go out and do my job. – Kovtun said.

About work with psychologist:

It was my personal initiative. I found a specialist, I pay for his services with my own money, which is very expensive. I spend half of my salary, invest in myself and believe that it will help. We’ve been coming to this, I kept putting it off, but eventually realized that it is necessary to do something myself and change something.

I work a lot and I pity my work. So far with the psychologist we have done only the first steps, but it has already given positive results. There are certain, abstractly speaking, hotbeds, yet we have found only one, we need to continue, to solve this problem and look for other if they exist. – Maxim added.

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