Marina Zueva: Maia and Alex became closer to Tessa and Scott

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Marina Zueva commented on Shibutani’s performance at Four Continents Championships and also gave a little comment about Sinitsina / Katsalapov. 

Maia and Alex became closer (in scores) to Tessa and Scott, the fight is serious, but they are different, they will still win, just wait. All skate the same: the same expression, the same style, the same genre, with the same message. I’m talking about all the pairs, including mine, but these (Shibutani) are different from the rest. They are different and the method of work with them is different. We will continue to work this way. And, firstly, it’s a strategy. – Zueva told.

About Olympic arena:

By the way, it is a bit like “Aisberg” in Sochi. This is a test event, checking before the Olympics. Not everything is specified, it’s even unclear where the coaches will stand, but I think that before the Games everything will be well-adjusted.

by Veronika Gibadieva

About Sinitsina and Katsalapov:

Nikita needs to heal the second shoulder. They continue to work with Tchaikovskaya and Volkov, started to prepare for the next season, we are in touch with them. They started the season late, had surgery on his shoulder, started training late, started to prepare too late. But what I saw at the European Championships: I really liked the way they performed the short dance, I thought it was brilliant. But took eighth place (in the short program). I find it hard to comment anything. – Marina Zueva told.

About possible cooperation in the Olympic season:

While it’s a question. But they have a great coach Tchaikovskaya. She likes them. I talked to her, she said that Victoria is a wonderful dance partner. It’s reassuring when the coach believes in athletes. I wish all the Russians not only a good skating, but also good results. Not like you’ve skated at Europeans.

by Veronika Gibadieva


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5 Responses to “Marina Zueva: Maia and Alex became closer to Tessa and Scott”

  1. Gotta says:

    The Shibs has improved, I give that to them. But still not enough. With Cizeron-Papadakis: Cizeron is still way better skilled skater than Papadakis. And he’s the one who pulls them. With Tessa and Scott back, might not be enough for them for golds. And Papadakis’s are boring, one-type of skaters. It’d be also nice to give more for Bukins’-they have such a potential than boring Bobrovas’.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Time proved that Bobrova/Soloviev is the most consistent Russian team, so I wouldn’t expect them to loose their Russian team No.1 position. Stepanova/Bukin…..well difficult to say something about their perspectives because she almost has no skating skills….

  2. Mad for Skating says:

    I love the Shibs, but it’s going to be hard for them to catch Virtue and Moir. I’m curious to see what the plan is. While watching them at 4 Continents, I noticed how much smoother they’ve gotten. Great skaters and if anyone can catch V/M, it’s them.

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