Marin Honda: Free program 2017-2018 review

Posted on 2017-07-12 • 2 comments


It’s almost the middle of off-season and it’s time to discuss new pograms. I hope more and more videos of brave enough skaters (who is ready to show up) will appear. Because we’re all very curious)

Let’s start with young star Marin Honda who recently showed her new FP “Turandot” at the show:

video from youtube channel Epic Skating

Pretty obvious that this is simplified version for the show, program isn’t filled with transitions, sizes of the ice don’t give us a chance to see the real ice coverage etc. But. Even now I can say that it’ll be a great program. You can already see the quality. It will be a high-class program. I like the music selection. They chose not the most powerful arrangement and vocals, but I think it’s a right decision for such young and tender skater. I also like the music cuts. This program is made for standing ovation. We’ll see whether Marin will get them.

I guess this was the inspiration for both: program (the choreofrapher of Marin’s program is David Wilson?) and costume:

video from youtube channel FeversOn642


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2 Responses to “Marin Honda: Free program 2017-2018 review”

  1. Tac says:

    I did love the program when I saw it, I must admit. But WHY does Marin have to use the exact same music cuts , and in the same order as everyone else who’s skated to Turnadot???? It’s a 3 hour opera, isn’t it? Many pieces to choose from

    • FS Gossips says:

      I also love unexpected an original music selections. But I do understand why people prefer to use well-known music in Olympic season.
      Olympics are different competition. With different audience (not so involved in figure skating). And this audience will respond better to the music they know.

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