Maria Sotskova: Grand-prix Final will be like a mini Russian Nationals

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Maria Sotskova joined the tradition of Russian ladies and got to the Grand-Prix Final in her first senior year. Translation of Tatijana Flade’s interview with Maria, about GPF, impressions from Japan and cooking.

You’ve got to the Grand-Prix  Final, though at first didn’t know about it.

– Yes, when I was sitting in the “kiss and cry» Elena Germanovna (Buyanova – ed.), told me: ‘Congratulations you got to the final.’ I thought that it was unlikely that I’d go to Marseilles, because second and third places are not always enough for the Final. Until recently, I wasn’t sure that I’ll qualify. Was upset and even cried a little.

Did you set a goal to get to the Final?

– Since the beginning of the season I put some specific goals and tried to achieve them. But even if I hadn’t qualified  for the final, I’d have been upset, of course, but life doesn’t end there, I’d have been preparing for the Russian Nationals. Since I got to Marseille, I’m very happy. I was going to my goal. It was difficult, as always, but in the end I achieved what I wanted. This gives me confidence.

What is your goal for the Final?

– Just to perform calmly, for myself, for fun. In France I was very scared, because it was my first senior Grand Prix. At NHK I was worried, but not much, because there was a desire to try to get into the Finals. And in the Final I need only to show my best and get a return.

What does it mean for you to compete at Grand-prix Final for the for fourth time?

– Oh, nothing … It means that I’m ready to compete with world-class skaters. Qualifying for the Final it’s a victory for every athlete. There will compete six the best and most worthy skaters.

Among them, the four Russian girls.

– Yes, it will be a mini Russian National Championships.

Anna Pogorilaya said the same.

– Well, yes, because main contenders go to the final. There will be difficult.

At the competition in Japan in the free program some of your jumps were called underrotated. How can you comment on this?

– I don’t want to comment. On Lutz, I felt it, and the rest – I don’t know. I agree with everything.

When during the warm-up something doesn’t work out, is it difficult then to switch on the start?

–  For me, the warm-up doesn’t mean anything, because from childhood I always pop the warm-up. If I pop the warm-up, then everything will be fine. If everything is well during the warm-up, then there is reason to think, maybe something goes wrong.  For me, a six-minute warm-up is to go out and feel the ice. I don’t get cycled on something like this. If I pop an element, then I don’t think that I’ll also pop it in program.

Maria Sotskova, Anna Pogorilaya

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Did you like the atmosphere at NHK?

– A lot! I love Japan and the Japanese.


–  Because, I think, that nowhere skaters are so supported, as in Japan. Many Russian flags, posters … People worry for you, cheer for you. All these gifts, it’s so nice then sort them. I love this atmosphere, it’s very kind.

What did you get?

– All gifts are … pink. Rika, you know her, last season she made bears in my costume, this time gave me another bear in a pink dress. Toys, letters, different sorts of things – it’s very nice.

What will you do with gifts?

– I’ll try to pack then in a suitcase. Maybe I’ll have to buy another suitcase.

Did you have time to walk around the city?

– On the first evening Anya. Nathan (Chen – ed.) and I went for a walk. Looked into the shops. Yesterday, after the competition went again. But it was too late, the mall was closed, we only got to the grocery store. My mother asked to buy gels. Fortunately, they were there.

Do you like Japanese cuisine?

– Not really. Sushi are clearly not for me. I only recently has started trying some rolls. There I ate mainly European cuisine. Just in case. My body’s not used to Japanese food, and it’s necessary to be cautious before the competition.

Your favorite dish?

– Depends on the mood. I love salads. I eat them in large quantities.

Do you cook?

– No, I don’t cook. I have neither time nor talent. I tried to cook something, but apple pie turned disgusting. Rubber! But it’s necessary to do something with “cooking”, otherwise no one will marry me.


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