Maria Sotskova about winning silver at Grand Prix Final 2017

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Maria Sotskova commented on her performance at Grand Prix Final 2017:

Actually, I was pretty nervous. I’ve been nervous in the Final for the first time. Usually I feel relaxed, enjoy, but here for some reason I worried. Probably, that’s because I really wanted to get on a pedestal, this created excitement.

Japan always helps me, it’s easy to skate here, you get a lot of positive emotions, because here all the people are friendly, everyone smiles, and you are fueled by their energy. It helps, when you go on the ice and see the whole stands with Russian flags. Everyone supports you, of course, it adds confidence.

We have done a great job, so the result is corresponding. With experience comes confidence, the quality of my skating improves, so that the elements are stable. Therefore there comes the ease of skating, you feel more relaxed, you can show all the emotions. I’m progressing, I’m not standing still, and certainly I’m not going down. Every competitions motivates me to work even more.


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One response to “Maria Sotskova about winning silver at Grand Prix Final 2017”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    Congratulations to Maria!!

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