Makar Ignatov: “My skates break all the time and there are certain problems with the supply of inventory due to the situation.”

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Russian figure skater Makar Ignatov, after a short program at test skates in St. Petersburg, spoke about the difficulties with new skates.

photo Daria Isaeva spoer-express


Makar Ignatov: For the last month, these are second new boots. They are tight, the feet get a little crazy. I’m not particularly satisfied with the performance, but for the first skate in front of the audience, it’s ok. This is training, but with a stressful factor, closer to the competitive state.

New program? Lyrical, I haven’t skated in such style before. It is difficult to change dramatically in choreography, all athletes have the movements which are characteristic for them. But we are trying to add something new.

Motivation this season? Become the best version of myself. I hope that at some point there will be an opportunity to perform on the international level, so motivation is to be ready and show a good level then. Is it important to be on the national team? I wouldn’t go into the rules right now. Right now there isn’t much of a difference.

My skates break all the time, they should offer a discount for regular customers such me. There are certain problems with the supply of inventory due to the situation. But it is better to ask representatives of stores such questions. Something we have.

Test skates in St. Petersburg were held from 5 to 7 September. Ignatov performed a new program to the composition So Far by the Icelandic musician Oulavyur Arnalds.


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