Makar Ignatov: “Alexei Yagudin announced me as a sex symbol of Russian men’s figure skating? I feel awkward. I’m an athlete first of all.”

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Interview with Russian Nationals silver medalist Makar Ignatov. About most difficylt combinations that her tries to perform, his opinion on the results of the Beijing Olympics and title of sex symbol that Alexei Yagudin gave him.

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source: dd. 19th April 2022 by Andrei Simonenko

Makar, tell us what do you do in mid-April?

Makar Ignatov: Now we will work on new programs. I aslo try new things.

You have all quadruple jumps.

Makar Ignatov: I try complex combinations. Recently I’va jumped a combination of triple axel – euler – quadruple salchow. Another one was triple axel with a quadruple toeloop.

But there seems to be no point include such combinations in programs?

Makar Ignatov: Who knows? Maybe it will come to that. Let’s see, depending on how and what will work out in training.

Did the idea come up at the Channel One Cup- after Mark Kondratiuk performed a combination of two quadruple salchows there?

Makar Ignatov: Then I thought that I could try it. At the Channel One Cup, I tried to do a triple axel – a quadruple toeloop, and fell. And then I decided to recall a combination with salchow. I performed it a year ago.

Kondratiuk also made an attempt of a quintuple-jump, posted a video. Utopia?

Makar Ignatov: Why? Once, quads were considered “WOW”. And now people do five quads in programs. Maybe someday triples will be like doubles now.

But with the basic technique that you and other skaters jump now, is it really possible to do this?

Makar Ignatov: I think it’s quite realistic.

And what then is the main difficulty – to land such a jump?

Makar Ignatov: The main difficulty is to enter (laughs). Because it’s scary. The result is not clear. I haven’t tried it, because it seems to me that if I try and fall, I will continue to lie in a horizontal position for the next month. But in general, I think it is possible to make such a jump.

You have participated in the Channel One Cup for the second year, how did it go for you this time?

Makar Ignatov: This time I liked the way I performed there less. But in general, good, on a positive note. I’m joking that I helped Markusha (Kondratiuk) and Sasha (Samarin) there. Helped them, being in another team.

The format of the jumping competition has changed a bit this time.

Makar Ignatov: Yes, it has become a little easier, because last year we stood on the ice for three hours without a break. But all the same, it is still necessary to modernize it somehow, because it was hard.

Make it more dynamical?

Makar Ignatov: Yes, because after you stand for a long time, it is very difficult to go and do something. Well, also before the individual event, it was worth to renew the ice, it was not so good. The third hour has begun, before that the pairs jumped, and they usually leave a lot of traces, also a lot of single skaters skated. They could have mada a pause and resurface the ice, and we would have had a rest before the individual event, it would have been better to perform.

Once again, Alexei Yagudin introduced you as a sex symbol of Russian men’s figure skating.

Makar Ignatov: Yes, I looked at Lesha Yagudin, trying to say with a look: “Well, that’s enough, well, it’s not necessary, well, stop it” (laughs). I feel awkward. I am an athlete first of all, and I never had the task of becoming the sex symbol of figure skating. Such words did not unsettle me, but made me feel uncomfortable.

Were you satisfied with at least one of the programs there?

Makar Ignatov: Short – not really, and free – not satisfied at all. In the free program, it immediately did’t go according to plan, and so it continued.

What are the feeling from the whole season? Surely you expected to get to the European Championships and the Olympics.

Makar Ignatov: I wanted more, of course. But we have what we have. I don’t want to dwell on the past and stay in it.

Have you done an analysis?

Makar Ignatov: Yes. I reviewed some things, analyzed what I lacked. It is difficult to formulate, and I don’t really want to, probably, this is something personal, deep. But in any case, the result, even if it is negative, is still an experience, still a result. I wanted something else, I don’t argue, but it turned out this way, and I don’t want such results to repeat.

Did you manage to let go the situation? Do not dream of those pedestals that did not happen?

Makar Ignatov: Even if I dreamed about it, I don’t remember it (laughs). It is clear that I was upset, but in general, I let go of such things quickly. I switch to what I have at the moment. What’s the point of dwelling on the past? We have to think about what will happen next. And focus on what is now. It is more profitable, or something, it has more sense.

In the current situation is it difficult to concentrate on what will happen next?

Makar Ignatov: If they say to skate in the Russian Cups – I will skate there. I won’t have a choice. I will have a choice how to skate. And I want to choose to skate well – no matter where and with whom. First of all, for myself I want to show what I can. And I know that I can do a lot. And I do a lot in training. I want to improve, so that later, when international competitions return, I could go there.

In parallel with the Channel One Cup, the World Championships was held. Did you watch?

Makar Ignatov: To be honest, I don’t remember. It seems to me that I followed, but at the level of viewing the results and scores. I skated myself at that time, I did not have an opportunity to watch.

And the Olympics?

Makar Ignatov: I watched. But more so, episodically – I watched Markusha, worried about him, about our girls.

Have thoughts “it’s a pity that I’m not there” visited you?

Makar Ignatov: Of course. But I tried not to. What will these thoughts bring me? Disappointment, sadness. Again, not profitable. What for? It’s all gone already.

How did you perceive the results of the ladies’ competitions? Many fans are very emotional.

Makar Ignatov: I was worried about everyone. It turned out the way it did. In general, everything is clear why this happened. I can’t imagine what was it like for Kamila to perform. It was hard, and anyway she did great. Psychologically, it was very difficult for her.

Did you understand the reaction of Sasha Trusova?

Makar Ignatov: In general, yes. But I don’t think it should be given that much importance. It’s not quite right, it was not easy for her either. It was generally unpleasant that it was filmed, why was it necessary?

On the Internet, the topic of confrontation between the fans of Anna Shcherbakova and Sasha Trusova arose …

Makar Ignatov: I definitely don’t want to get into it (laughs).

But did you agree with the result when it was all over?

Makar Ignatov: Based on the current rules of figure skating – yes. Everything is pretty logical.

What can fans expect from you in the new season?

Makar Ignatov: Short and free programs (laughs). I’m going to try five quadruples in a free program. And then we’ll see how it goes in the training process. And it is necessary that the quality of these jumps is at a high level. It happens that fewer amount of quads wins if they are performed better. So I will strive to turn the quantity into quality.


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