Mae Berenice Meite new short program

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Recently Mae Berenice Meite of France shared a photo in instagram and confirmed that fans were right about her music choice. So, now we know for sure that her short program for the upcoming season is to The Black Swan.

meiteI don’t think that this is a smart choice. Maybe she wants to show that she can be different, be a sophisticated ballerina who flies across the ice. But she’s not a ballerina. It’s not good, not bad, she just a different type of figure skater. Mae has more athletic and powerful style of skating. So why not to highlight it? There are a lot of classical skaters in the world, she could stand out among them. She just needed to find an appropriate music that will match to her power skating and temper. But I hope that she will bring some fire in this program and will make me to take my words back.

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