Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue: dances 2017-2018 review

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Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue showed their new dances at US International Figure Skating Classic.

Last season they almost won bronze at Worlds, so let’s see whether they were ambitious enough to claim for podium this season.

Their latina I was expecting with no fear :) Even with interest and excitement. And they didn’t let me down!

video by 0316seisato

I like that there are not a lot of moves copied from ballroom dancing, because mostly they look ridiculous on the ice. But still the dance has the needed mood. Loved the step sequence! So musically done, so softly skated! This’s my favorite latina among seen so far. Madison’s dress looks nice and I like this pale shade of pink, but I wish Zach had something looking more like a costume.

video by Karl-Heinz Krebs

Unfortunately, I’m not that excited about their free dance. My first impression was: why didn’t you do such a dance last season… the short dance. I like the idea: he meets her at the bar, they like each other, they start to dance….no long libretto :) Well, that’s how I see it. The dance is tasteful, but the music itself isn’t memorable and the dance lacks some great, impressive moments. Honestly, I think it’ll be difficult to make a breakthrough with this FD, only with competitors making mistakes. So I really hope this dance will develop and grow during the season.


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