Lombardia Trophy 2017 review

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What I was doing this weekends…..? Of course I was watching figure skating. Lombardia Trophy to be exact. So I’m ready to share my impressions.


Spanish pair surprised me. First, by its existence. Second, by skating. I expected something horror-horror, but turned out Spain has a nice pair with good pair elements.

The Austrians Miriam and Severin surprised me with the choice of music for the short program. But I wish they took “500 miles” by The Proclaimers. As always, they have lovely costumes. Especially for the free program. The program is also lovely, but unfortunately the jumps weren’t there(

Timothy LeDuc does not stop to amaze me, how easily he lifts Ashley, who is not the smallest girl in pair skating. Respect. His stretching abilities isn’t less impressive also) I liked the short program, the free program – it’s hard to judge, that terrible fall destroyed the program( I just hope she’s ok and didn’t get an injury.

They say that girls do not want to do pairs because it’s scary. But looking at Valentina Marchei, it seems that for all her life she’s been dreaming to be lifted and thrown by someone tall and strong. Loved their short program. So emotional and with Italian colour. The free program I didn’t get …But they showed us a real Italian drama, starting to sort out relationships on the ice and continuing in the kiss and cry. Oh I love such true emotions!)

For the Olympic season Nicole and Matteo returned to the old short program. I think it’s a right decision. The program is beautiful and even majestic. I even can get along with strange translucent part on Matteo’s shirt….So I thought, but then I saw costumes for the free program. No, the jumpsuits are beautiful, great color combination, nice finishing, Nicole looks amazing. But Matteo….with all his muscles….wearing that tight spandex jumpsuit….with his hairstyle….well he overshaded everything. So I don’t remember anything about their free program.

Natalia and Alexander found their style. They look so good in lyrical, romantic and a bit retro programs. Their short program flies in one second. As for the free program, I have a mixed feelings. I liked the first part and the part to “The Sleeping beauty”, but separately. The idea of changing from “rehearsals” to “performance” wasn’t clear….and if they hadn’t done that something strange with their costumes, I wouldn’t have noticed some kind of “change of scenery”.


Joshi Helgesson does not want to understand that if you have problems with jumps, at least you need to be memorable. Why don’t show us some brave warrior? Who if not her? The vikings is quite popular theme. No, she continues to skate average programs “Barely watched till the end. Forgot”. So nothing surprising that young teammate bypasses her with more than 10 points.

Speaking of Joshi’s teammate, I really liked Matilda Algotsson, I think she’s a promising girl. Maybe it’s time for generations’ change in team Sweden.

Laurine Lecavalier and her creative costume for the short program….Oh, sorry Laurine but I have only one association – greyscale (yeah, I’m a fan of Game of Thrones). This leg was so distractive! In free program she portrayed the playful and seductive Norma Mortenson, in iconic white dress. But I think a program on such theme could have been more interesting and brighter.

Liza at the test skates and Liza at Lombardia are two completely different Lizas. I was so encouraged by Liza’s shape at the test skates so I was ready to forgive her everything: all the same gypsy style empty programs….just do your textbook jumps! That was sadness….

Bradie Tennell reminded me of Gracie Gold (season 13-14) and in the same image of the Disney princess. Only Cinderella. Like Cinderella, she came to the ball – no one knows her, but she receives quite generous scores and hand almost got the bronze!

Yura Matsuda is also like a Cinderella, but in opposite meaning. Well yes her costumes aren’t fancy but the judges judge skating skills, transitions, musicality, choreography….and in all these aspects Yura is quite good. But her PCS – just tears…

Carolina is one of my most favorite skaters, watching her skating, I just enjoy and don’t think about medals and places. Therefore, I’m a bit terrified because of what I’m going to say. I do not actually like her short program. Firstly, I don’t like acting in figure skating programs, such a master like Carolina can show the mood of music without any acting. Secondly, it’s very subjective ……. But I’m sure each of us has the music, hearing wich we imagine one particular skater and no one else. Hearing Ne me quitte pas I always imagine Lambiel. Even beautiful Carolina did not manage to eclipse his bright image in my head. But her free program is magical.

Oh so many rhinestones on Wakaba‘s dress! I don’t know how she manages to jump in all this richness) But she did, maybe not in her best traditions, but still impressive. For sure a well-known choreographer did this program. I don’t know who, but this move shouts “Lori!”

The free programs shows what a beauty she became. I like the program and the music sounds powerful … ..but this is not a program for the Olympics, to which, judging by early readiness, Higuchi is determined to qualify.

You know what would be the perfect fit for Alina‘s short program? Black pas de deux with a code. Not the soundtrack mixed with another soundtrack, but Tchaikovsky. Powerful music and even all jumps in the second half would look logical. Yeah, there’s no place for libretto about “small swan and cruel world” in such program. But you know what? Burn all your librettos! Therefore, I’m sorry, but, in my opinion, the short program for this girl could have been brighter.

The free program is exactly what I was talking about. Powerful, victorious music, program with no libretto. Yes, Alina may not have balletic lines and the programs still requires polishing, but the effect is still WOW.


The main shock of the mens’ tournament was Righini‘s hairstyle. The programs also gave a lot of emotions…..oh it’s hard to describe in words.


Good vodka!

Let’s go party!

Meanwhile Matteo Rizzo beat not only his compatriot Vanya Righini, but also five more skater. That was quite unexpected.

Alexander Petrov joined Righini in crazy dancing. Gosh! Who choreographed this….and why?

I really liked Vasiljevs short program. It’s so elegant. Yes, sometimes I saw Lambiel there. Well, looking at the creativity above, it’s hard not to admit that Lambiel is not the worst thing that can happen in programs of young figure skater who is still looking for his own style. As for the free program, I think Deniss is capable of more. The jacket – just burn it.

Handsome Brendan Kerry was a nice surprise. I really liked him in the short program and his shirt is amazing) Either I watched his previous performances inattentively, or the guy has progressed a lot during the off-season. The free program both me and judges liked less. But still well done! Let Australia get it own “Fernandez”.

I loved Jason Brown‘s short program! I even re-watched it several times. Unusual … .but damn it’s so musically done! The free program is pure delight. Watching it you don’t think about quads, how many jumps in second half etc, you simply enjoy and get a huge aesthetic pleasure. And laconic black is the best choice for this program.

For the short program Shoma Uno wore a costume suspiciously reminded me of his last seasons’ costume for fp, but in colours of House Stark of Winterfell….and showed everyone that “Winter is coming” is a wrong motto, because “Winter is here”. 104 points for the short program….5 quads in the free…. In September! Holy cows…..but isn’t it too early?

Ice dance

The Japanese brought two good pairs, with pretty dances. Finnish Julia is such a beauty and they found her a handsome partner. I also liked the British, I think this pair has prospects.

Elliana Pogrebinsky is such a beautiful girl….in life. But I really don’t get her hairstyle and makeup on the ice( As for their dances….it seems that their coach spent less time on them then his wife on her hairstyle. From positive sides – lifts and dress for the free dance.

With Nazarova – Nikitin he also didn’t spend much time, giving them complete freedom in their own creativity and imagination. Creative is good, but within reasonable limits. Alexandra’s attire for latina is another portion of a nightmare with an effect of absent leotard and fringe on the leg. The lifts in the free dance is too creative, I think it’s impossible to make them look effortless and part of the dance, not just like an acrobatic trick.

Alla and Pavel….their latina wasn’t better than others’ and wasn’t worse. If Pavel sometimes paid a little attention at Alla the dance even would be good. The free dance is choreographed by an enemy. So many music parts! Looking at dances that their coach did for Popova Mozgov, you realize that they could have saved money and instead of Richaud pay to fitness instructor or get a nice costumes.

The Italians Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri skated in their own league. I liked their short dance. Muse in the free…well yes it’s overused but every time it’s skated by skilled skaters it makes an impression. The dance turned out so tender and beautiful that even failed lift didn’t spoil the impression much.

Almost forgot) The French girl “stunned” me with her peacock dress….Well she was not the only peacock at this competitions.


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3 Responses to “Lombardia Trophy 2017 review”

  1. cleo2070 says:

    Loved reading your review, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    I totally agree about Joshi, unfortunately…
    I think the sentence I liked best was, “The main shock of the mens’ tournament was Righini‘s hairstyle.” – LOL

    • FS Gossips says:

      Oh Joshi…..Well she has different appearance, different body type than all that tiny girls. But that’s a part of her charm, her personality and I wish she used that instead of trying to be like everyone else.

  2. jimmbboe says:

    Great review! Loved reading your thoughts!

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