“Liza is always looking for something, wants something new.” Tuktamysheva showed new SP to a remix of “Feeling Good”. [+video]

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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva showed new short program at the test skates of the St. Petersburg team.

source: sport-express.ru

Tuktamysheva performed to a remix of Nina Simon’s song “Feeling Good”. She performed a double axel, a triple lutz and a triple flip.

video by Figurka youtube channel

And a comment from one of her coaches Tatiana Mishina who explained why Liza decided ti change a program. At the end of last season, Liza presented a short to the song “Freedom” by Beyonce.

Tatiana Mishina: It is better to ask Tatiana Prokofieva (choreographer – ed.) about Liza’s new program. But I like the choice of music, this program has an interesting and modern choreography, Liza looks different. Today, of course, was not the best skate at all, she did a double axel. Cold skating rink, it was not very comfortable.

Is she planning to keep this music?

Tatiana Mishina: Now yes, this program. Why did we decide to change? Liza is looking for something, wants something new. She always wants to move forward. The new music and program also gives some kind of inspiration and mood. She liked it.


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