Lipnitskaya is back to trainings

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Julia Lipnitskaya began the next stage of preparation for the new season – on Monday 13th she came to the ice for the first time after the rest. According to her coach Alexei Urmanov, now Julia has to break in new skates.

Today we had the first training session after the break. As usual, it all starts on the classical scheme. Before leaving on vacation, we have changed two programs, but we haven’t changed the equipment – haven’t broke in the new boots with new blades. Few days for warming up and then will deal with this issue. Skates it’s a serious question, and it takes time. New equipment is already waiting, and we will try to do it right from the start. After breaking in we’ll recollect and work on programs. – Urmanov said. 

As Urmanov said his group has properly rested and now full of energy:

The mood is good, work moral – everyone has more or less rested and now gathered in Sochi. We were lucky – now in Sochi settled a good weather, so it adds positive mood.

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Julia Lipnitskaya

Julia Lipnitskaya

Julia Lipnitskaya

photos from Julia’s instagram.


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