Laura Lepisto: “When I watched the last women’s warm-up at the Olympics, I was shocked by complete absence of joy. No one is happy, everyone is crying, everyone is broken.”

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European champion 2009, Finnish figure skater Laura Lepisto about women’s competition at the Beijing Olympics.

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source: IS.FI

When I watched the last warm-up, what shocked me the most was complete absence of joy of sports. Not surprisingly that Valieva broke under this pressure.

Sports should bring joy, excitement, wow effect. These girls lost their childhood, sacrificed everything to get to the Olympics. And the result: no one is happy, everyone is crying, everyone is broken. Is this what our sport should give?

This was the last straw, now figure skating will have to change.

These girls are very nice, they are not machines. In social networks, you can see that they are still children. Mentally, perhaps they are even younger than their age.

Figure skating has a strong artistic side: empathy, creativity, choreography. It’s nice to see how skaters grow up, find their own style. This is the peculiarity of our sport.

Now I get a lot of messages that women’s skating looks depressing and people don’t want to watch it anymore.


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