Kseniia Sinitsyna: “You cannot perform a large number quads on training. It’s a very heavy load on the body. I do five attempts a day – that’s enough at my age.”

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Translation of Kseniia Sinitsyna’s comments on quad jumps in women’s single skating.

original source: Championat

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Kseniia Sinitsyna is 2020 Youth Olympic silver medalist and JGP medalist. In a podcast on Championat she shared her thoughts on quad jumps in women’s single skating.

Kseniia Sinitsyna: You cannot perform a large number of repetitions of the quadruple jumps. Injuries happen. The quadruple is a very heavy load. When you start jumping it, if you’ve done it for four days, something may start to hurt, something may go wrong. It’s a very heavy load on the body. I do five attempts a day – that’s enough at my age.

As the years go by, jumping becomes harder. It’s everyday work. And the quadruple – you have to jump it even more on the floor. Last week I skated with weights on my legs for 40 minutes. So that my legs would be lighter, and jumping would be easier, they wouldn’t get tired as much without weights. We develop some methodology to avoid harming our health and to progress in terms of endurance, to approach this quadruple with good legs and a good body.

I believe that you still have to jump the ultra-C. The main thing is to jump without harming yourself. Not to abuse your body. You still shouldn’t stop at what you’ve achieved – learned the triple-triple and that’s it. Then you’ll want something new, to complicate something else. It’s a process of self-development, plus testing yourself, your strength, what else you can do. You don’t need to exclude quadruples.

Q: And if you had such authority, would you remove the ultra-C from the rules?

Kseniia Sinitsyna: It could be tried, but it won’t happen. This is a sport. Our technical component still comes first, and then the second mark. As I said, you need to train the quadruple. Just not abuse it. So that kids can have a long career.”


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