Kovtun about his withdrawal from Team Challenge Cup

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Recently was announced that Maxim Kovtun will miss Team Challenge Cup and Mikhail Kolyada will replace him in team Europe. Here’re some additional information for those who interested what happened to Maxim.

Previously in his instagram account Maxim told that he had a hand fracture with a shift, but it’s already healed. And it’s been discovered only after Worlds.

Maxim Kovtun

I thought that it’s the reason why Maxim won’t be able to participate in Team Challenge Cup, but I was wrong.

According to his coach Elena Buyanova Maxim had to withdraw due to otitis.

Unfortunately, Maxim has a strong otitis of an ear. That is why flight and physical load are not recommended for him.

Maxim is prescribed a strongest antibiotics. Now he’s in a very depressed state, as we all are. Hopefully, he’ll be fine and everything will be alright. – Elena Buyanova told.

the source: rsport.ru

Maxim Kovtun

How Maxim commented this situation:

The season is over for me. I really wanted to be rehabilitated at the World team cup, but unfortunately, happened what happened. Many thanks to the many fans for your support, for your votes, it means a lot to me!

I firmly believe that whatever happens, it happens for the best.  There will be more time for the choreographing of programs with Peter. Thank you very much to all those who still believe in me, and for those who turned away. We will make it!

the source: Maxim’s instagram account

Read also interview with Maxim’s coach Elena Buyanova.


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