Kostornaia and Trusova about working with Plushenko: “A completely different approach to training”

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Alena Kostornaia and Alexandra Trusova, after performing in the short program at the Grand Prix stage in Moscow, talked about training with Evgeni Plushenko.

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Alena and Sasha, how do you like training with Evgeni Plushenko?

Kostornaia: I really like training with Evgeni Viktorovich. I’ve already said that this is a completely different approach to training than I had before, more calm. I really like it.

Trusova: I also really like working with Evgeni Viktorovich and his entire team, also with Dmitri Sergeevich (Mikhailov) and Sergei Andreevich (Alekseev). We have a very friendly team, all the children are friendly too. I am the oldest in my group. They seem so small to me, it’s very interesting..

How was the idea of the program born?

Kostornaia: The idea was born for a reason, because I’ve already tried to skate to Billie Eilish. I really wanted to keep the artistic image of this particular piece. It would have been very strange to keep “Lovely” song and just rearrange the program, so we decided to take a slightly different piece of music. But it even reveals me a little more. Before that, I really liked the voice and the theme in general. So we decided to take something different, but to keep the same theme.

source: Dmitry Kuznetsov for sport-express.ru


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