Kiira Korpi is about to retire

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Some sad news have come. The prima of Finnish figure skating Kiira Korpi is going to finish her sport career.

She hasn’t officially confirmed it yet, but there is a lot of rumours. Recently in Finnish press was published an article about it, it also contains the information that soon Kiira will make an official statement about her retire.

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The article is also says that last season Kiira Korpi was suffering a lot from injuries and that’s the reason why she decided to quite. But she will continue doing shows.

I’m really upset with this news. Kiira Korpi was one of my favorite female skater. The great example of grace, elegance and style on ice. I adore her costumes and look at the ice, she was as for me one of the figure skating fashion and style icons. I will miss a lot her beautiful lines and posture, great presentation and real feminine skating. Who will continue her legacy?

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