Kavaguti Smirnov expect to compete at Grand Prix

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Alexander Smirnov, told that pair Kavaguti Smirnov resumes active trainings and expects to compete at Grand Prix 2016/17.

Yuko was skating little by little, recalled jumps. On June 27 we start an active workout at the training camp in Igora. Yet we do difficult elements separately. Yuko can do triple toe loop, double axel, a triple salchow from a small speed. But the program should be on the high level. We would like to get back till the Grand Prix. It will be great if we can. If not, then we’ll prepare for the Russian Championships.

I understand that we have missed 5-6 months and it will be very difficult to recover, but we will try. Whatever happened, to all the will of God. – Smirnov told.

the source: tass.ru

a bit more information about this pair in recent interview with Tamara Moskvina.


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