Kathy Johnson has resigned as Patrick Chan’s coach.

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Breaking news. Kathy Johnson has resigned as Patrick Chan’s coach.

Shocking news actually. I was one of those people, who thought that Patrick needs a more technical coach, who can lead him to competitions in his best physical shape. So, if I’ve heard this news before Patrick’s come back in 2015, or at the end of last season, I wouldn’t have been surprised. But such news at the end of August, when new season has almost started…..agree it sounds anxiously.

From this twitt I also got an impression, that it was Kathy’s decision. So, the main question, when did it happen and whether Patrick had enough time to find a new coach, Because I honestly don’t believe in selfcoaching……

So, who can be his new coach?

  • Considering that Patrick moved back to Canada…..Brian Orser immediatly comes to my mind) But it’s quite impossible. Orser already has a full house) And I don’t see Patrick, trainings along with Yuzury and Javi. But some part of my mind still thinks that maybe, by joint efforts of these two Canadians the Canadian Olympic curse could have been broken )
  • Is there any chance that he will go back to Christy Krall? Asking for a forgiveness and saying that he was a complete idiot )))
  • I think Rafael Arutyunyan could be a good choice. He has an experience of working with mature athletes and fixing their technical problems. He also can give a needed mindset before the competition.

But considering the fact he returned to Canada……all those options seem not possible. It’s a pity, I could advise him to pack his stuff and move to Moscow to Eteri Tutberidze’s group :)

So, the only possible option in Canada is Joanne McLeod? Please tell me that he has some other variants……

Ouch, never forget about Morozov)

Anyway, I wish Patrick a lot of luck and hope he knows what to do. I hope we’ll know the name of his new coach soon.



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2 Responses to “Kathy Johnson has resigned as Patrick Chan’s coach.”

  1. Daniil Timin says:

    I’ve heard he was moving to train in Vancouver. If so, can’t be neither of the mentioned coaches. But he does need a good technical coach, not choreographer.

    • FS Gossips says:

      But what options in Vancouver, or generally in Canada he has? I think in this case he need to choose what is more important for him – figure skating career or comfort life.

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