Kaori Sakamoto: “I aim to achieve three consecutive wins at the World Championships.”

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Kaori Sakamoto about her off-season and plans.

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Kaori Sakamoto, the two-time consecutive world champion in women’s figure skating in 2022 and 2023, participated in the Japanese national team training camp in Izumisano, Osaka, on the July 8th. During the practice of her free program set to a new piano music piece for this season, she landed a triple lutz and showcased smooth and elegant skating. If she achieves a third victory at the 2024 World Championships in Montreal, Canada, it will be a remarkable feat, the first in 56 years since Peggy Fleming (USA). Sakamoto expressed her determination, saying, ‘I aim to achieve three consecutive wins at the World Championships and Japanese Nationals.’

During the previous off-season, she took a one-week break, which was the first time in her 19-year skating career. She enjoyed spending time with friends and a trip to Kyushu, allowing herself to relax and unwind from skating. She had a successful training camp in Canada in May and is on track for the current season. She laughed, saying, ‘I think I succeeded in spending the off-season in a new way. I maintained my motivation, stayed positive, enjoyed skating, and felt good both physically and mentally.’

For the current Grand Prix (GP) series, she has the second event, Skate Canada (October 27-29), and the fifth event in Finland (November 17-19). With a fulfilled mind and body, she is determined to continue on the path of excellence.


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