Kamila Valieva: “These days were very difficult for me. Tears of happiness, probably, and a little distress.”

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Kamila Valieva spoke about the doping scandal at the Olympics for the first time.

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Kamila Valieva: These days were very difficult for me, and there’re already not enough emotions. That is, I am happy, but at the same time I am already emotionally tired. Therefore, tears of happiness, probably, and a little distress. But at the same time, I am certainly happy to be at the Olympic Games and try to represent our country. And I will hope that I will do it as best as possible … I will set myself up and show my results.

I sat for seven hours [at hearings of the case], we had one break of 20 minutes, and I sat watching. It was very difficult. Apparently, this is one of the stages that I have to go through.

When I open Instagram, I see how many good wishes, how much faith. I even saw billboards in Moscow “Kamila, we are with you!”. It is very nice. In such a difficult time for me, this support is very important to me.

The coaches support me, the whole environment supports me. Mark (Kondratiuk) also supports – it’s good that he stayed (in Beijing). I thought I would be alone, but the closest people will never leave me.


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One response to “Kamila Valieva: “These days were very difficult for me. Tears of happiness, probably, and a little distress.””

  1. Renate says:

    Yes, I can beleave it.It must be shocking to hear, that the the earlier performance enhancing cocktails are discovered.You and the whole team did not count anymore with such a possibility. I can understand.
    There are a saying: Those who want everything end up having nothing.But here I am not sure if justice prevails. Only Honesty would here save the rest of reputation. (Please do not involve the grandfather….this poor man. This is not the right way.) Kamila, this gold medal will have a big big blemish. You would have deserved it, but not in this way. You are such an excellent scater- come back clean- outside of this team, outside of this doping doctor- and the whole world will be happy.You are very young, all will like to forgive under the condition of honesty, the first way to get better. I wish the best for the future.

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