Kamila Valieva: “Since childhood, they tell us, when you start competing internationally, you are performing not only for yourself but also for the country.”

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Translation of Kamila Valieva’s comments about winning international tournaments representing Russia.

original source: Championat / Championat

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Here’s a translation of Kamila Valieva’s comments from the documentary film “Thank You, My Dear” posted on Championat.

“For me, Russia is my home, where people are very sincere and warmly welcoming. Now, in a quite challenging period for athletes when there are no international competitions, our country is doing everything possible so that we don’t lose motivation and continue to develop. Thank you, my dear, for the support, for the love, for the incredibly warm atmosphere here,” said Valieva in the documentary film “Thank You, My Dear.”

The athlete also added, “Since childhood, they told us, when we started competing in international events, you are performing not only for yourself but also for the country. You should feel responsible for what you do in competitions. It’s a feeling of pride when you stand on the podium, and the anthem of our country plays throughout the arena, and the flag is raised. And you understand that our country has won this competition.”

Kamila Valieva also shared her thoughts on the team event at the 2022 Olympic Games.

“It took incredible efforts to include three quadruple jumps and a triple Axel in the free program in the Olympic season. Competing in the team event was both honorable and very challenging. On the one hand, because you perform not only for yourself, as usual, but also for the team and the country. There was no room for mistakes,” said the athlete in the documentary film “Thank You, My Dear.”


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