“Kamila Valieva has not been suspended, there has been no official statement”, Olga Yermolina, FFKKR

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source MatchTV

“Kamila Valieva has not been suspended, there has been no oficial statement”, Olga Yermolina, press officer of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, told Match TV.

Communications Director Mark Adams at a press conference on Valieva’s case:

“You understand that I will not comment on speculation on this topic. Yes, some legal situations arose yesterday, but it is inappropriate to comment on this. A potential case of doping is also a speculation.”

source MatchTV

“I will not say who is in charge of this case. This is just a legal moment, work is underway. As for the ceremony, it’s pure speculation. You need to show attention and patience so that everything comes to an end.”, Mark Adams

source MatchTV


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