Kaetlyn Osmond: programs 2017-2018 review

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Thank you all brave skaters who compete at summer competitions, show new programs and give us topics for discussion! You help us to survive the off-season)

Today I want to discuss Kaetlyn Osmond‘s new programs.

Short program “Summertime”

This program isn’t as bright and memorable as her last season’s. Summertime is a typical choice of North American skaters, so it was hard to expect an interesting program. This SP is well done,  with attention to details and musical accents. But this program would rather suit Ashley Wagner than Kaetlyn. I wish her program showed all her strengths such as power, speed, energy, musicality, freedom in her skating. But it shows only her musicality and abilities to “sell the program” anyway. While her main advantages are not shown.  She also should prepare for criticism about “pauses” in the middle of the program.

They need to add some gloss to this program. Just a blue dress with some rhinestones is not enough. She needs something really fabulous to make a stronger impression of a medal contender.

Free Program “Black Swan”

The free program it’s exactly what I was talking about! Powerful music suits Kaetlyn so much! This is kind of program that will look gorgeous in the last warm-up.  It’s almost impossible to compete with Tchaikovsky (even in soundtrack variation), because this music has that much power. I like the composition and the music cuts. The program has a lot of potential (it looks a bit empty now, but it’s totally understandable – it’s only August). I thik they should make the program less balletic (it’s not Kaetlyn’s strength), forget about the ballet, interprete the music itself. This powerful, passionate piece of music. So I would remove this moves on the toe-picks, it’s never look good on the ice. But I’m really looking forward to see the development of this program!

And a remark about the dress. The neckline is too low, so the proportions are not perfect and upperbody looks bigger. I think it’d be better to lift up the bodice and the waistline, then legs will look longer.


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