Junior Russian Championships 2016. Ladies short [video]

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While all the eyes are on US and Canadian National Championships it’s a time for Junior National Championships in Russia. The results of junior ladies is quite impressive. Let’s take a look on the next generation of Russian figure skating stars.

Here you can find the table with results.

Polina Tsurskaya predictably leads after the short program with a huge for a junior skater score 73.51 (40.38+33.13). Her jumps realy impress but I still can’t agree that her PCS should be the highest among all junior girls. I also want to burn her tights)

Polina commenting on her performance:

I’m happy with my tooday’s performance. I did all the elements. I got excellent levels for my step sequence, spins, exactly as planed. I got a good pluses for jumps and very good overall scores for the program. It’s great.

If to compare the two starts – this championships and the Grand-prix Final in Barcelona, ​​in Spain it was harder. For me it was the first Grand-prix Final and everything seemed much more worrying and frightening.

Here’s no less important competition, qualifying start, but psychologically it was easier for me. So, I will gather for the free program and will try to show what I can. – Tsurskaya said.

There wasn’t surprises with the second place either. Maria Sotskova got 67,60 (36,07+31,63). Actually she lost the technical score to some younger girls but her PCS really helped her.


Upset because I didn’t do everything that was planned. I can’t say that worried a lot. Just didn’t work out today. There were no problems in preparation for this competition. Although I won’t deny, it was harder for me to skate at the Junior Russian Championships than at the National Championships in Yekaterinburg. Here’s the selection for the Worlds, and therefore more responsibility.

Maria also added that the second start number didn’t affected her:

In any case it’s necessary to go and skate clean. – Sotskova said.

You can also read the big interview with Maria Sotskova.

Alisa Fedichkina is third after the short program 66.89 (36.90+29.99):


The performance was good, a working. There are some small mistakes, need to improve in everything. Here I skated better compared to the Russian Championships. There I didn’t do a combination and here I was more confident, focused on each element. In Yekaterinburg I worried more. Senior competitions, unusual. At the Junior Nationals tried not not to repeat past mistakes. – Alisa said. 

Elizaveta Nugumanova – 4th after the short program, 65.24 (36.64+28.60):


I’m very happy with my performance. I received good marks for technique. I can say that I tried very hard to show what I can …

I ‘m happy that I can skate on the same ice with Liza Tuktamysheva and other guys. I always look how Liza trains. I want very much to do all that she does and more. I believe that my strong feature is confidence, I always go confident on ice. Maybe it’s genes. I don’t know. My grandfather is a former skater. He now works as a coach in Riga.

Now I’ll set for the free program. I want to try to get into the top three. And will make every effort for this. But even if I doesn’t I won’t worry. Everything has its time. My time will come. – commented Nugumanova.

Actually the gap in scores between second and six places is not so big, so, we definitely can expect some changes in placement.

Unfortunately Serafima Sakhanovich still dealing with difficulties of growing up, only 7th place after the short program. 64.46 (32.45+29.01). Yes, the technique wasn’t impressive but I can’t agree that Serafima’s PCS is that lower in comparison with Sotskova, Fedichkina and Tsurskaya. Nope, I can’t get it)


Basically, I’m satisfied. Double axel was with a little mistake, but it’s a little mistake not a fall as before.  I have got more points that ever in the season. But I must continue to work. Today I was more confident. It’s very important because I can see the results of work. If you really work at trainings, it won’t go anywhere. You just need to be patience. Work, work, don’t give up on something. It’s the matter of time. Although, of course, at first it’s hard, because you don’t see results immediately. It’s like with the weight. You don’t eat for three days and then comes your first minus. And in the first day of the diet nothing will go away.

Many athletes are often told that it’s necessary to skate at competition as at trainings. And I believe that at training you should skate as at competition. For me it’s even more convenient because helps to mobilize and set yourself. – Sakhanovich said.

And two other girl that I recommend to watch are Alisa Lozko and Anastasiya Gubanova. Alisa has one of the most gorgeous bilman spin I’ve ever seen….just to die for. And Anastasia is a joy to watch! She’s so talented, unfortunately that wasn’t her best performance.

Alisa Lozko 6th after the short program, 61.75 (34.41+27.34):


Anastasiya Gubanova, 9th after the short program, 60.26 (31.84+28.42):




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