Junior Grand-prix Final. Costume review: ladies free program

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Here is my fashion rankings of the junior ladies free program at Junior Grand-prix Final in Barcelona.

№6 Polina Tsurskaya

Polina Tsurskaya

Again you can guess the country she represents only looking on her dress. Typical Russian figure skating style. They tried put every idea they had into this dress so it turned out too overloaded with details. And those tights….Yep this girl deserve more tasteful costumes!

№5 Yuna Shiraiwa

Yuna Shiraiwa

This dress is ok for a junior skater. It’s nice but I wish they hadn’t done the dress for “Sent in the clowns” so literally. But I like how they decorated the neckline and the hair accessory also looks nice.

№4 Alisa Fedichkina

Alisa Fedichkina

They tried to make a kitty costume but not to do it so literally and I like it. But this colors and lots of details on the bodice make Alisa look bigger than she is. And such shade of gray is also not the best choice for ice. The thing I like – the kitty-ears as a hair accessory, that’s cute.

№3 Mai Mihara

Mai Mihara

It’s nice dress for the program to Giselle. You don’t need to invent something when everything have been already invented. Good adaptation of the ballet costume. I like the soft colors and little quantity of decor.

№2 Marin Honda

Marin Honda

As I said plenty of times red is a self sufficient color so, red dress doesn’t need many decor to look fabulous. What you also need to look fabulous in a red dress is self confidence because red is quit a demanding color. And Marin definitely has this confidence. I like the simple silhouette and tiny flowery applique.

№1 Maria Sotskova


Gorgeous dress! This is still my favorite dress from all I’ve already seen on JGP. Modern, stylish and fashionable! It’s really something new for the figure skating fashion. Love the combination of colors and the accessories. The dress is not only stylish, idea of balletic chiton is clearly noticeable. Actually this dress could easily win among senior ladies too)

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